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Cours de langue anglaise: Nos programmes
School of English

English sessions for English natives and bilinguals 
(These sessions are exclusively for native and bilingual children)

from the 19th September 2022 to 17th June 2023
 Join us during the year


Cours de langue anglaise: Liste des prix

•    Sessions led by professional teachers of English with British language qualifications (Cambridge, PGCE*, PhD**)

•    Inclusive and differentiated Anglo-Saxon pedagogy: special educational needs (gifted and talented, aspergers, dys. …) 

•    *NEW FORMAT* Short and targeted sessions in small teaching groups - 5/6 learners

•    Tailored programme for English natives and bilinguals

•    Created by a linguist, PhD, University of Birmingham (UK) specialised in foreign language acquisition and bilingualism, 25 years teaching experience in the UK and internationally, 15 years online and videoconferencing teaching

*PGCE Postgraduate Certificate of Education, équivalent du CAPES 
**PhD Doctorat en lettres et littérature


Lessons & Prices

How to choose?

The age groups and classes are for reference only. Depending on your children’s learning profile, you might want to:

  • either comfort and help them develop more confidence, or

  • push and challenge them to access higher level of achievements.

Keep Learning 1

Years 3, 4, 5 (UK) or equivalent

7-9 years old

THURSDAY from 17:00 to 18:15

30 sessions of 1h15min

or 3x 275


5% discount for children registered at Blanche de Castille

Keep Learning 2

Years 6, 7, 8 (UK) or equivalent

10-12 years old

TUESDAYS 17h00-18h15

30 sessions of 1h15min


or 3x275

5% discount for children registered at Blanche de Castille

​Tous les cours ont lieu dans l'établissement Blanche de Castille, près du Rond Point de Paris.

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