School of English

English sessions for English natives and bilinguals 
(These sessions are exclusively for native and bilingual children)

from september 2021 to june 2022
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* Lessons on Zoom in case of lockdown *


•    Sessions led by professional teachers of English with British language qualifications (Cambridge, PGCE*, PhD**)

•    Inclusive and differentiated Anglo-Saxon pedagogy: special educational needs (gifted and talented, aspergers, dys. …) 

•    *NEW FORMAT* Short and targeted sessions in small teaching groups - 5/6 learners

•    Tailored programme for English natives and bilinguals

•    Created by a linguist, PhD, University of Birmingham (UK) specialised in foreign language acquisition and bilingualism, 25 years teaching experience in the UK and internationally, 15 years online and videoconferencing teaching

*PGCE Postgraduate Certificate of Education, équivalent du CAPES 
**PhD Doctorat en lettres et littérature


Lessons & Prices

How to choose?

The age groups and classes are for reference only. Depending on your children’s learning profile, you might want to:

  • either comfort and help them develop more confidence, or

  • push and challenge them to access higher level of achievements.

Keep Learning 1

Years 3, 4, 5 (UK) or equivalent

7-9 years old

TUESDAYS from 17:00 to 18:15

26 sessions of 1h15min

or 2x225 + 1x200



Keep Learning 2

Years 6, 7, 8 (UK) or equivalent

10-12 years old

TUESDAYS 17h00-18h15

26 sessions of 1h15min


or 2x225 + 1x200


​Tous les cours ont lieu dans l'établissement Blanche de Castille, près du Rond Point de Paris.